Gift Wrap

Want to send a special memory as a gift?

For just £4.50 our team will lovingly place your photo into its chosen frame, before wrapping it in premium white tissue paper and secured in the finest signature ribbon.

With gift-wrap, you get the option to include a personalised gift card. The gift wrap option works perfectly for sending, or hand-delivering a framed photo.

(we do not include receipts in our parcels!)

Don’t want it gift-wrapped?

If you choose not to have your PICT gift-wrapped, it will arrive in a simple mailer, with the same signature PICT label – see below:


100% recyclable

We’ve made sure our gift-wrap is 100% recyclable – from the label, to the box, through to the tissue paper and ribbon, it’s all planet-friendly.

Just tell us where to send it…

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