Our story

Pict was born a year after a little girl called Phoebe entered the world in August 2016. Phoebe’s mother wanted to frame a photo of her new daughter and her own mother as they lay nose to nose –  it took ages to do. “Such a simple process must be made easier”, Phoebe’s mother said.

Welcome to PICT. A simple idea designed to move those special memories from our smartphones, and bring them into our homes.

Thank you Phoebe!

Smile, say ‘PICT’.

Each frame has a name

To celebrate great British photographers, each frame has been named after different photographers who have been celebrated over time. We are sourcing new frames all the time, so let us know if you want to choose the next name!

Your order will help others

For every order received, PICT donates 10 pence to the Alzheimer’s Society. We’ll share an annual update to let you know how much you’ve helped to raise.