Wipe pouts out

In the interest of the next generation,  we do not print pouts.

Help us save the next generation from pulling a ‘duckface’ on every photo. Pouts are out, so much so that we won’t print them.

Our ‘wipe pouts out’ detector will automatically send an email to any customers uploading ‘pouty’ photos and ask them to send one with smiles instead.

Define pout…..

A ‘pucker’, as in a ‘mouth about to kiss’ is fine, but a pout that aims to make ones lips look fuller than they actually are is a no-no. Any duck-like pouts that aren’t kissy lips get the ‘wipe pouts out treatment’.

Our special technology scans each photo to detect duckface – if feathers are not present, the photo will not be printed.

Is this fair?

This is a movement designed to save millions of memories, and remind young people that their smiles are beautiful.

How will I know if my photo has been rejected?

Any customers who have PICT a photo containing a pout will receive an email informing them that their order has been cancelled and a full refund has been arranged.

Every ‘pout’ will donate to charity

Every time PICT detects a pout a 10 pence donation will be made to Cybersmile, the anti cyber-bullying charity https://www.cybersmile.org/